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This site contains the result of several years of research into the family name Trubody or Truebody.

There has never been all that many Tru(e)body’s in this world and today, in 2019, there are probably less than 100.
What then are the chances that the name will live on?
Go to the
Future page to see what the chances are.

I would like to know details – name and date of birth if possible - of the Tru(e)body father for the following people :-

Ernest Trubody born in 1914 in Keynsham, Mothers maiden name unknown.
Elsie Truebody born in 1917 in Keynsham, Mothers maiden name = Yord.
George Lawrence Trubody born in 1917 in Leicester, Mothers maiden name unknown.
Alice M Trubody born in 1917 in Stourbridge, Mothers maiden name = Alana.
Veronica B Trubody born in 1921 in Bristol, Mothers maiden name = Bumble.
Molly E Trubody born in 1922 in Birmingham, Mothers maiden name unknown.
Sheila Trubody born in 1940 in Keynsham, Mothers maiden name = Jerry.
Molly Patricia Trubody born in 1989 in Bradford, Mothers maiden name = Swailes.

Also, the Passport Office have stopped genealogical sites access to BMD after 2006,
hence my records stop at that date.
If you have any BMD information after 2006 that you would like to share I would love to hear from you.

If you can help please email me at postmaster@trubody.co.uk

The site has NOT been notified to any search engine so, although it is on the World Wide Web, it is very unlikely that anyone other than those who know about it will ever find it. I have done it this way so that the site can almost be our own intranet. The information shown on the site has been collected from  sources that are open to the public and is freely available to anyone who wishes to use it. There is nothing on the site that you could not find out elsewhere. My aim is simply to gather all the information about our name into one place for all of us to share.

There are, as you will discover, lots of gaps in the trees, most of which will probably never be filled.
This is true particularly for the period up to the mid 19th century.
Indeed, some of the family associations shown are guesses on my part and should not be taken as fact.

The gaps from the mid 19th century until today will, I hope, be filled with your help.
Please contact me if you can provide any information.

My name is Terence (Terry) Michael Truebody.
I was born on 28th May 1944.
I live in South Gloucestershire

As with most people I started researching my family tree only.
It seems that I am descended from a Thomas Trubody (c1723) who married
Sarah Kains on 23/02/1747 in the Wick & Abson area of Gloucestershire (now South Gloucestershire).

Once my immediate lineage was complete I became curious about what other Trubodys
there may have been. Our name is not exactly common and so I felt it should be relatively easy.
I started searching the Internet.
There I found almost 400 people and they were mostly from Cornwall & Devon.
Who are their descendants? Where are they? Why are there no Trubodys now in Cornwall?
Is there a specific person linking Cornwall & Devon to my line in Gloucestershire?
Who was it? Why did he move away from his birthplace? To date I have not found him.

Some were recorded as living in America.
How many went there and who were their parents?
Why did they go?

My searches also included census data and later the whole record of births, marriages and deaths posted on www.1837online.co.uk which became findmypast.co.uk.

These records took me to the Midlands and to the South East.
Again, is there a link to the Cornwall and Devon Trubodys?
To date, I do not know.

I have since found many Truebody's in South Africa and Australia and my search continues.

The records also took me to close relatives in the Bristol & West area of whom I had no knowledge.
I will continue my research. Hopefully with your help.

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