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How To Use This WebSite



This page introduces the visitor to the website. At the bottom of the page are mention of related family names. A click on these will take you to the relevant tree. Once there you can return to Home or go to any of the other main pages as listed under the Trubody/Truebody logo. There are also hotspots in the trees that will take you from tree to tree when relevant direct connections are to be made.

 The Name

This page discusses the name and also lists alternative spellings and names.


This page opens with a list of initial letters. Select the initial of the Christian name that you are seeking. This will take you to the page where those names are detailed. The details are shown as follows :-
Abraham Trubody 1830 : Bitton, Gloucestershire : Father - Thomas : Mother - Jane : Spouse - Mary : Children - George Ed, Thomas Ben, Alfred J, Abraham, Elizabeth J, Sarah A, Martha : Tree - Bristol & West 9
Tree - Bristol & West 9 indicates where to find the tree where the person is to be found in context with his own family. See Trees below.

A note about dates: See also The Name page.
A lot of the very early dates are for marriages. Births and deaths only seem to have been important enough to be recorded in later centuries.
Birth dates are the most important event for me and so, where birth is not recorded I have tried to assess that date from the marriage or death year. Hence there are lots of dates appended with 'Abt', 'ish' or 'c' (for circa) and these are guesses based on a given marriage date and the view that people married around the age of 20.
Where a death year is given with an age at death I simply subtract that age from the year. Remember though that many people simply did not know in which year they were born, or had forgotten and so given ages cannot be taken as fact.
I have further assumed that if a female died before her 25th birthday then she was probably unmarried and if she died at over 25 years old then she was probably a wife of a Truebody.
To sum it up - It is only since the 1840's that birth dates can be accepted with any confidence and even then they are not necessarily exact because birth dates (and places) given in census returns, from which a good deal of data has been gleaned, relied a lot on the householders memory of events when the 'census man' called around rather than on any written records.


This page shows any snippets of additional information that I have gathered.


This page opens with a list of geographical groupings of trees. For instance a click on Bristol and West will take you to the page that displays the trees that are associated with the Bristol and West area. The area includes Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.
To view the various trees simply click on one of the links at the top of the page.
I have tried to compile the trees in some sort of location order but this is only an attempt to make sense of the often seemingly random information stored in the records.
Trees are generally arranged with the early dates at the top.

I have adopted a loose colour coding format to make a distinction between males, females, wives, husbands etc viz:
Names in Blue are male children, Magenta is for female children, Red is for wives, Black is for husbands and Dark Green (or Black) is for children who died in infancy, before child bearing age or are known not to have had children.
For information about the birth years shown on this site see Search above.

 Contact Me

This page helps you to contact me. I ask only that you give your name and email address so that I can send you a reply.


This page lists the updates that I have made since the site was first opened in March 2006.


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