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From this page you can navigate to the lists of people that have been recorded.

The lists are for first names initial letter as follows :-

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South Africa



March 2010.
The following names have been culled from Facebook. I cannot find any record them in births or marriages in England. Most spell their names with the E which leads me to suspect that they live in the English Midlands or South Africa or Australia. I realize that for some of the females Tru(e)body will be their married name but some also will be unmarried women.

If you know of any of these people please contact me on postmaster@trubody.co.uk

Barry, Craig, Ian, Jared, John, Kristie.

Anne, Annie, Clarice, Julie, Kelly, Kim, Kristie, Kylie, Lesley, Lisa, Marisa, Molly, Sue, Tannaye, Tegan.


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