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From this page you can navigate to images of family tree groups of various areas.

The groupings are as follows :-

Bristol and West - (Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire.)
The Midlands -
(Lancashire, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire.)
The Southeast - (Hampshire, Kent, Greater London.)
South Africa

I have adopted a loose colour coding format to make a distinction between males, females, wives, husbands etc viz:
Names in Blue are male children, Magenta is for female children, Red is for wives, Black is for husbands and Dark Green (or Black) is for children who died in infancy, before child bearing age or are known not to have had children.
For information about the birth years shown on this site see Search on the How to Use page.



-    A Truebodie was a messenger in the service of the Countess of Leicester.
1272 King Edward I crowned.
1277 A Roger Trewbodi is recorded in the Assize Rolls of Somerset.
1301 A William Truebody is recorded in the Archaeologia Cantania.
1307 King Edward II crowned.
1381 A Stephen Trewbody/Truebody was Codicote's leader of the Hertfordshire part of the Peasants' Revolt and is recorded in the Rolls of Parliament.
c1477 John Truebody born in Devon.
1483 King Edward V crowned.
c1539 Thomas Truebodye born in Pillaton, Cornwall.
1558 Queen Elizabeth I crowned.
c1559 William Trubody born in Bristol area.
1603 King James I crowned.
c1600 A Theophilus Trubody is recorded in the 1600/9 Book of Emigrants (America).
c1610 The coat of arms were granted to Peter Trubody of Castle, Cornwall during the reign of James I (1603-1625).
1625 King Charles I crowned.
c1635 Francisci Trubody born in London.
1722 King George II crowned.
c1745 William (c1721) emigrates from Moretonhampstead, Devon to Gloucester, Massachussetts.
1792 David Truebody born in Shropshire.
1808 William Trubody is the last of the name to be born (14 Oct 1808) in Cornwall.
1814 James Truebody is recorded in the 1814 Census on St. Helena. (His birthplace is assumed to be Bristol.)
1830 King William IV crowned.
c1831 Joseph Trubody born in Ledbury, Worcestershire.
1837 Queen Victoria crowned.
1843 Eliza Truebody, a convict in Tasmania, married a Joseph Pearce.
1849 A T Truebody was a member of a group of emigrants travelling to California in 1849 with Judge Benjamin Hayes
c1860 Thomas & Hannah Trubody and family emigrate from Bristol to new South Wales, Australia.
1867 William Alexander Trubody was elected Supervisor of Napa County, California.
1890 Charles Thomas & Harry Page Truebody stow away on a ship from St. Helena to Cape Town.
1900 Tom Trubody is the last of the name to be born in Cornwall.
1901 King Edward VII crowned.
1902 Cpl H.P. Truebody (born in 1870s?), St. Helena Volunteer Sharpshooters, received the Queens South Africa medal from Col H.J. Price, acting Governor of St. Helena, on 10 Nov 1902.
WWI Abraham, Francis Herbert and Percy Trubody are killed serving in WWI.
2010 There are Tru(e)body's living in England, America, Australia, South Africa and St. Helena (1).

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