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This page details the updates that have been made to the site as a result of information sent to me by after initial publication.

February 2019
'Future' page added.

January 2019
Updates to B&W8, SE4 and Australia 4.

March 2018
Additions to B&W1, 2, 3, 13 and 14.

February 2018
Corrections to Andrew Nash Trubody family in Australia 1 tree - Rita Enid and Lorna Joan.

May 2017
All trees converted to .jpg

October 2016
Trees B&W6, Cape4 & 5 updated.

January 2016
Trees Australia 2 & 5 updated.

December 2014
Trees Bristol & West 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 11, Cornwall 3, Southeast 2 & 4 and America 1, 2, & 3 updated with minor additional information.

May 2014
Cornwall 2 tree updated with Rev Samuel Trewbody death.

Nov 2013
The Name page - Extra information given for the origin of the name.
Castle, Boscundle and Castledor  page added.

May 2013
Cape Province 3 amended to show new details relating to Harry son of Harry gates.

October 2012
.pdf files added for Mac or non-Windows browser users.

September 2012
Additional page updated to show College of Arms Heralds Visitations of Cornwall tree for Trewbody of Lanlivery.
Cornwall 1, 2 3, & 7 pages updated to show new information about Trewbody of Lanlivery from 'Visitations of Cornwall'.
Additional/Wills page added.

7th Jun 2011
The Additional page updated with more details about Troopers Hill.

4th Feb 2011
The America page updated - James M, Constance Claire & Barbara Jeanne moved from America 3 to America 2.

22nd - 30th Nov 2010
All English trees re-arranged and re-organised and Search pages updated to suit.
Location maps added to Bristol & West, Midlands and Southeast pages.
Further explanation text added to How to Use, The Name and Trees pages.
Some new names gleaned from 1819 - 1866 Wick & Abson burial indexes.

1st to 20th Nov 2010
Timelines added to Trees page.
Coat of Arms and text added added to The Name page.
Trees B&W1, 5, 10, 12, 13 & 14 and Midland1, 2 & 3 and Southeast2, 3 & 4 and Wales> amended.

Oct 2010
Australia 2 tree split into Australia 2 & 3. Old Australia 3 renamed Australia 5.
Up to date details added to Australia 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Aug 2010
St Helena tree extended to current date. South Africa trees amended to include birth years.
Additional page amended for J. Truebody.
Albert J and Mercy Ann and family moved from America 2 to America 3.
Spouses page added.

May 2010
Australia 1, 2 & 3 trees amended. Australia 5 deleted.
Bristol & West 8 amended to show Thomas & Hannah emigrating to Australia.
Southeast 4 - Albert James 1856 deleted. See Australia 2.

April 2010
UK Trees and Name search pages updated with new names from 1841 and 1851 Censuses.

March 2010
Australia trees amended.

February 2010
South Africa page overhauled complete with new trees. Australia page created.

20th January 2010
All tree images replaced.
Jack Edwin, Alan J and Barry A G groups moved from B&W1& B&W2 to B&W3.
Gilbert/Bert Malcolm allocated to Charles Malcolm & Emma S Coats in America2. Relevant amendments made in America3

30th November 2008
South Africa tree updated.

18th January 2007
Search lists added on America and South Africa trees.

10th January 2007
Cornwall3 tree replaced.
America1, 2 & 3 replaced.
Arthur-Brooks tree updated.
Thomas-Hayward tree updated.

23th October 2006
Tyler-Marshall tree updated.

11th October 2006
Freebury tree updated.

11th August 2006
Charles (1823) and Sarah family added to B&W4 tree.
Thomas (1814) and Jane family added to B&W4 tree.
Thomas, Edward & Emma added to Samuel (1830) family to B&W4 tree.
Alfred added to Charles (1847) & Ann Lear family on B&W6 tree.
Reubens wife Frances added to B&W7 tree.
Henry (1860) family added to B&W7 tree.
Walter (1862) family added to B&W7 tree.
Mary Sophia added to John & Matilda family to B&W7 tree.
George & Hannah M added to Thomas (1812) to B&W8 tree.
Harry G (1855) added to B&W11 tree.
Edith M 1865 added to B&W13 tree.
John (1818) & Harriet family added to Southeast 2 tree.
William & Mary family added to Southeast 4 tree.

All relevant alphabetical search pages amended.

3rd July 2006
Corrections to South African contingent on B&W10 tree and corresponding search pages BCD, NtoR & ST.
and Alfred James/Mercy Ann Clouten added to Southeast 4 tree.

12th May 2006
Another Trubody married Charlotte (Lottie) who was born 1913 10-May and who died 2003 Mar in Bristol.
Another Trubody married Oliver: Children - Helena Charlotte 2000 Apr, Eliza Madalena 2002 May.
Samuel David O 2004 Feb added to the search 'A' page.
Samuel David O 2004 Feb : Mother Oliver added to the search 'ST' page.

19th April 2006
Thomas Truebody Thomason, J Truebody and Anne Truebody added to the 'Additional Info' page.